Landscapes - Pervez Photography

I probably enjoy landscape photography more than any other kind. Whereas city photography is a way to illustrate how we live with each other, landscape photography reminds us how we live with nature. We often move too quickly through life to take the time and see the beauty around us, and this style of photography is one way to remind us of that. On a personal level, it is pretty spectacular to be able to absorb these scenes before taking a shot - as noted elsewhere, I really like to spend time thinking about the image I want to produce, and that ends up being a real treat when I am looking at some of these incredible landscapes. This type of photography also serves another purpose: to encourage us to preserve the natural beauty on this planet. So many of these incredible places I've shot are in, luckily, in relatively good condition, but that is mostly because they are far away from heavy tourism. Environmental degradation wreaks havoc on many landscapes that are not so lucky to be very isolated, and I hope that the incredible landscapes I've been fortunate to photograph remind people that we all need to do our part to help preserve the natural beauty on this planet.

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Hot air balloon going up at sunrise in Cappadocia. I was on the road by 4:40 am to head out for my own hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. They go up around sunrise, as is evident in this photo. Its something to see, as you have vast open fields filled with balloons being inflated as the sun rises above the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia. While waiting on my balloon, I saw two women trying to take photos while a balloon was rising behind them. The sun also managed to just break free of the clouds. I waited a minute for the balloon to get just past the sun to create a light silhouette and took the shot. Fortunately, the women were also still there, and managed to strike a playful pose at that exact moment.