Some of my photos from historical sights and artifacts from across the globe, especially in Turkey, China, and London. Seeing these places and items is always such a humbling experience for me because it reminds me that, a very long time ago, people, with limited tools and technology, were still able to make magnificent works that persist to this day in some form. These are often not places where masses assemble anymore, so there's a sense of reflective peace at most of them. You can sit down, view the remains, and appreciate what it would have been like to be in one of these places many years ago. Monuments and memorials are less ancient (sometimes), but carry a similar sentiment. These places also honor the past, and are places where one can sit and reflect on history, albeit more recent in most cases. With all these places, however, there is a sense of appreciation of where we have come from, and a possibility to learn lessons for where we are moving towards in the future. 

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