Cityscapes - Pervez Photography

Cities are such a unique place to shoot. As centers of mass populations, they are an embodiment of the human experiment: they show us how we live together, how we form a society, but uniquely so. This is because cities inevitably include diverse groups of people, spanning race, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. It is hard to not find a particular group of people in these metropolises. And in this sea of humanity, there are also majestic buildings, parks, and unique architecture. In all of this, people function with normalcy. In that sense, cities remind me that we are capable of living with one another, despite our differences, and that there is nothing unusual about it. City photography has the potential to capture all of this, and that is simply magical. 

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Kids playing with bubbles in front of the Tate Modern Museum in London. I walked out of the museum and saw people setting up for some epic bubble action. It took them a good 10 minutes to set up, as a handful of kids ran over and waited eagerly (as did I, because I had a good feeling the photos were going to be special). Once they set up, it was pandemonium. So many huge bubbles, so many happy children running after them. This shot also reminds me of the simple things in life, which is largely why I wanted to shoot it in the first place. In a world with so much chaos and violence, there is something really pleasing about a photo like this that should remind us to appreciate little things, as well as to be active to protect children from the horrors of violence all around the globe. I often post this photo when discussing political violence to remind people that children are innocent and deserve a chance to play with bubbles instead of battling disease, poverty, racism, or air strikes. So, I love this shot for what it is, for how it developed, and for what it symbolizes to me.

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