Cityscapes - Pervez Photography

Cities are such a unique place to shoot. As centers of mass populations, they are an embodiment of the human experiment: they show us how we live together, how we form a society, but uniquely so. This is because cities inevitably include diverse groups of people, spanning race, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. It is hard to not find a particular group of people in these metropolises. And in this sea of humanity, there are also majestic buildings, parks, and unique architecture. In all of this, people function with normalcy. In that sense, cities remind me that we are capable of living with one another, despite our differences, and that there is nothing unusual about it. City photography has the potential to capture all of this, and that is simply magical. 

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Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul, with the Bosphorus Bridge in the background. I'd been looking for this mosque for over a year - I didn't get a chance to shoot it the previous summer I was in Istanbul, so I made a point to find it the next year I was there. The mosque itself is quite beautiful, and the bridge and water in the background really make the shot incredible. I hopped on a ferry that was supposed to stop there for a few minutes, and then head further down the Bosphorus. Of course, they stopped for literally 20 seconds, and I was stuck on the ferry until it came back an hour later. The sky was dark at this time, too, as thunderstorms hit within minutes. I still wonder what could have been had the ferry stopped for the right time and I got this photo with storm clouds in the sky. Oh well. When the ferry finally made its way back, I was waiting at the gate, and jumped out immediately. Of course, the ferry left after 20 seconds, again (they really don't get what 3 minutes is, apparently). At this point, I went ahead and got my photos, and dealt with figuring out how to make my way across the city afterwards. I took a good 20 minutes taking shots - the view is so fantastic that they all looked great. This is a case of a scene living up to the hype for a photographer. The only thing missing were birds that often fly around this mosque, but you can't win them all.

Bosphorus BridgeIstanbulOrtokoy Mosque