Cityscapes - Pervez Photography

Cities are such a unique place to shoot. As centers of mass populations, they are an embodiment of the human experiment: they show us how we live together, how we form a society, but uniquely so. This is because cities inevitably include diverse groups of people, spanning race, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. It is hard to not find a particular group of people in these metropolises. And in this sea of humanity, there are also majestic buildings, parks, and unique architecture. In all of this, people function with normalcy. In that sense, cities remind me that we are capable of living with one another, despite our differences, and that there is nothing unusual about it. City photography has the potential to capture all of this, and that is simply magical. 

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Anachronism in Modern Brooklyn

I was shooting with friends in Brooklyn near sunset on a July evening. The sun was setting behind the Manhattan skyline, giving us a very colorful sky to shoot (enough clouds for some fun contrast). One friend had his extremely old-school 4x5 field camera, which countless people came by to ask him about. It was a chance to teach them about some photography. When he set the camera down at one point, I saw a great photo in my head. What you see is the shot - it came out just like I hoped. Minus some of the newer skyscrapers, I could see this shot happening 60+ years ago, as photographers would definitely come to this spot with these types of cameras to take photos at sunset. There's something comforting in that. Also, I love old cameras (this is a Wista 45DX); the chance to focus on such a particularly cool field camera while having a pretty spectacular background was definitely exciting.

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