Black and White - Pervez Photography

These are some black and white photos I've taken, from my travels through Turkey, Guatemala, China, Europe, and the United States. While I really enjoy color in my photos, I learned photography with black and white film, and it holds a special place for me. Also, there is a unique sense of drama in black and white with shadows and contrasts that you just can't get from color. It creates a sense of mystery as well.

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The Workers

A shot of laborers walking along a crowded, extremely dusty road in the main industrial area of Karachi, next to vehicles of industry. These people have incredibly hard and dangerous lives, and yet they walk upright, without fear. (Btw, textiles = main industry here, so pretty easy to connect the dots between them and the clothes you wear). I'm a capitalist who will fight for social welfare, and the workers have always been my heroes. Nobody speaks for them (especially in a world where leaders care little for the poor - yes, thinking heavily of the new Trump presidency), yet they keep on, because they have to. I wanted to capture their nobility and grandness in the difficult lives they live, and I hope this photo does some of that.

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