Black and White - Pervez Photography

These are some black and white photos I've taken, from my travels through Turkey, Guatemala, China, Europe, and the United States. While I really enjoy color in my photos, I learned photography with black and white film, and it holds a special place for me. Also, there is a unique sense of drama in black and white with shadows and contrasts that you just can't get from color. It creates a sense of mystery as well.

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Shot of the New York City skyline in the fog after a rainy day. I happened to be on a bus stuck in traffic getting ready to enter the Lincoln Tunnel when I turned to my right and saw this spectacular visual. I scrambled for my camera gear and prayed that we'd be stuck long enough to let me get a few good shots as trucks and buses and cars drove by on the other side, making this a challenging photo to get. I did manage to get a few clear shots...if I hadn't, I'd be kicking myself for the rest of my life!

Black and White PhotographyFogNew York CityRainSkyline