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Welcome to my photography website! I've been shooting since I was a kid. My father used to shoot a lot of photography, so naturally, I picked up the habit from him. My first camera was an automatic Nikon back in 1987. I learned how to frame photos a little with that camera, but didn't really get into proper photography until I took some classes in high school, where I shot and developed my own film. I moved on to a Canon AE-1, which was my father's camera that he gave me during college. I used that extensively over the years. It has been with me to China and Guatemala. In 2013, I finally decided to upgrade to a digital camera, and started shooting with a mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G5. Much of what you see on this site is from that camera. In 2016, I upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix GX8. I'm a big fan of mirrorless cameras because they still give you great photos and you can shoot fully manual like classic film cameras (depends on the type of mirrorless you have, but I picked the Panasonics specifically because aperture and shutter speed are on the body of the camera, and not in some menus), but are way smaller than DSLRs, so you aren't lugging around giant bags of equipment when traveling.                                 

About me personally...I used to do a lot of writing, acting, and playing music. I wrote several plays, acting in some others, and was slowly getting better at trumpet (I already play the guitar and harmonica) before I started my PhD. That all ended after that! I wrapped up my degree in political science in 2017 at Georgetown University. My dissertation focused on the role of domestic politics in international trade disputes. I also have some research on the impact of drone strikes on political violence and the media's coverage of terrorism (check out this piece in the Washington Post about it!). I currently am a partner at a data analytics firm I co-founded, Blind Fox Analytics. I also do consulting work in international development. So, I'm not a typical photographer. That being said, what is a typical photographer? I've met folks on my travels who are social workers, who work in sanitation, who are surgeons, who are stay-at-home moms, etc., who all are amazing photographers. I love that - the art can bring so many different folks together.

My philosophy on photography is simple: capture the everyday. I am not a big fan of posed shots or photos everyone has seen a million times. I believe in capturing the normal in unique angles, as I think these are actually the truly spectacular moments of life. I love landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, and water, as they remind us of the beauty around us at all times. I think these shots also remind us that we need to preserve such things from pollution, degradation, and never-ending real estate. Haha. I'm not somebody who just shoots a million shots and deletes the bad ones later. I think the art is in thinking about how a shot should look, so I spend time thinking of lighting and framing before taking a photo. This gets me a lot of dirty looks from any friends/family who are with me at the time ("Hurry up!"), but they eventually come around when they see the end products!

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