I have done photography for a variety of clients. This includes maternity photo shoots, family and children's photo shoots, business photo shoots for massage therapists, and professional photos. I have also photographed weddings and large events. Below are some samples of my work. If you are interested in hiring me, please send me an email: pervezphotos at gmail dot com.

Wedding Photography

  • Karen and Khoa wedding 162
  • NikkahLaughing
  • Karen and Khoa wedding 336
  • NikkahHand
  • IMG_0928_HDR

Family and Children's Photos

  • Yousuf Fatima B&W HD
  • Ismael Fatima Color HD
  • DUMBOStreetBW
  • P1000263_HDR
  • DUMBOCarouselSepia

Maternity Photos

  • P1050662_HDR
  • P1050634_HDR
  • P1050355
  • P1050308_HDR
  • P1040688_HDR (1)
  • P1050712_HDR
  • P1040668_HDR
  • P1040622_HDR


Professional Photos

  • P1050004_HDR
  • P1050006_HDR
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